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Guided Photo Tours

Visit the well-known as well as the yet undiscovered places of Moravian Tuscany with a photographer who is well acquianted with the rolling landscape. Be on the right spot at the right time and shoot together with us. We will take you not only to the places you usually shoot the famous views from. We will also share with you the camera settings we use and demonstrate how you influence the final composition by moving in the landscape. We will show you how to observe the landscape and how to find the right spot to capture it.

All of the above stated is provided in English, German or Czech.

New! Telephoto lences for rent. More information on Photo gear rental.

How does it work?

If you want to get outstanding shots, it is necessary to yield to both nature and weather. If you plan your trip several weeks or months in advance, the weather may or may not work out. That is why we recommend you to plan only 2 to 7 days ahead and specify the date of your visit by phone, based on an updated weather forecast. Such is not available sooner than 7 to 3 days prior the planned date.

However, we can suit your needs even from day to day. All you need is to ask.

Sardice bio-stripes
Poppy bio-stripes

What will you need?

To get cool shots, you will need a decent camera with a long lens and a tripod for the morning and evening shots. Generally, we recommend using a SLR or a SLR style mirrorless and a lens of at least 70-200mm. The optimal option is 100-400mm. If you are not sure about your gear we can help you while arranging the date.

New this season is the possibility to rent photographic equipment to save you time and improve your first experience with landscape photography with telephoto lenses. More on Photo gear rental. If you are interested in the service, please add a message in the mail.

It is necessary to realize that we spend basically the whole time outside in the nature. A lot of photographers get cold just because they rely on the weather forecast. They do forget though, that it is important what the temperature feels like and that it is influenced also by wind and humidity. Due to these facts, it often feels 5 or 10 degrees less than the forecast. We will walk the field paths, field edges and grass stripes. Such terrain is muddy. And that is why we recommend rubber boots (or at least a pair of older shoes) in a large plastic bag so that you can change for shooting.

Have we forgotten anything? Ask us.

How much is it?

Half a day (6 hours) - CZK 2.290 (about EUR 100)
Whole day (12 hours) - CZK 3.490 (about EUR 154)
Afternoon and morning (6+6 hours) - CZK 3.990 (about EUR 175)

The hours stated are only approximate, our priority is to satisfy your needs. Therefore, we understand the whole day as the whole photography day, from a morning to an evening shooting. This may be even more than 12 hours in summer months. For these cases, the option of an afternoon with an evening shoot, an overnight stay and a morning shoot with a morning shoot is suitable.

The price includes: 1 – 3 participants, shooting or not. A tour of the most interesting locations in Moravian Tuscany, respecting the weather, a season and a morning or an evening shooting in a selected area. Professional tutorial during shooting and personal consultation.
The price does not include: transportation to the place or travelling during the day, accommodation, meals or insurance.

We expect to travel around Moravian Tuscany area by your car, or, at an extra cost, by our car.

Something extra?

We try to meet all your requirements. It is possible to pick you up at the airport (Brno, Prague, Vienna or Bratislava) or at a railway station (Brno, Břeclav). We may also visit other places in South Moravia attractive for photographers, including Milotice, Valtice, Lednice, Mikulov, Nové Mlýny or Pálava. We are able to arrange accommodation and a visit in a wine cellar.

All you need is to ask.

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Taking photos in Moravian Tuscany
Taking photos in Moravian Tuscany
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