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Spring in Moravian Tuscany
Rolling hills - photo awarded a silver medal at the The EPSON international pano awards 2021

About the Moravian Tuscany Project

The Moravian Tuscany project was conceived at the end of 2015 to promote the uniquely undulating landscape in the south-eastern part of South Moravia. In February 2016 I registered the domain and in 14 days I launched the first version of the website, containing mainly photographs of the undulating landscape.

This started a never-ending journey of constantly adding to and reworking the website, implementing new ideas, continuously getting to know the area of Moravian Tuscany, but above all getting to know a lot of wonderful people, farmers, entrepreneurs and winemakers, who through their daily work give the landscape a completely unique look and charm. That's why on the website moravsketoskansko.cz we are increasingly devoted to the non-violent promotion of their work, services and beautiful wine.

And why Moravian Tuscany? Because the landscape in the area is reminiscent of the rolling landscape of Italian Tuscany and is also photographed in a similar way. Also because that's what the area came to be called among photographers. The course of things was accelerated by the attempt to call the area Czech Tuscany, which could not leave any Moravian cold. :-)

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Autumn in Moravian Tuscany
Solitaire - photo awarded a silver medal at the The EPSON international pano awards 2020

About the project author

My name is Emil Čelustka and I come from Brno. I work in IT and I started serious photography in 2004.

With view to the Langkofel On the top of the Cima Grande From crossing the Hochalmspitze On the top of the Cima Grande Walk on the ridge

I started out photographing mountains, especially the Austrian Alps. The mountains captivated me and I became interested in the names of the peaks, their altitude and the paths that lead up. And I started hiking up those peaks on increasingly difficult trails until it became alpine hiking. Gradually I added climbing less technically demanding climbing routes. The love turned into a passion and thanks to it, to this day I have stood on 137 alpine three-thousanders, including a couple of four-thousanders. Paradoxically, however, I photograph mountains less and less, because the main goal has become summiting.

Photo shoot in Tuscany Photo shoot in the Partnachklamm gorge Ih the saddle between the peaks of the Wildspitze

It was similar with my love for the rolling landscapes of Tuscany, where I've been going to shoot since 2006. It was love at first sight. For years afterwards I carefully collected information, which I expanded considerably when preparing a photographic guide to Tuscany for the Fripito app.

In 2016 I founded the Moravian Tuscany server and since then I have been intensively promoting the undulating part of South Moravia on the web and on Facebook.

More about me on my personal website: celustka.com

Moments after a morning photo shoot in the Dolomites On the terrace of Lagazuoi Posing with a snowman
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